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Bold Plans and New Competitors - KRT Conference 2015

To represent Poland at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro - such is the ambitious goal the Kross Racing Team has set itself, as announced at a press conference Tuesday (February 2nd, 2015) at the Pure Sky Club in Warsaw. The new team is to include: Maja Włoszczowska, Anna Szafraniec-Rutkiewicz, Kornel Osicki, and Bartłomiej Wawak. The event was led by Maciej Dowbor, newscaster and privately active cyclist.

At the conference, the players' competition plans for the new season were announced, which include prestigious competitions in Poland and abroad (such as the XCO World Cup in Andorra, the XCO European Championships in Chies d'Alpago and the European Olympics in Baku). The players will begin their training for the competitions in Cyprus in two weeks, then continue at a training camp in Spain. All athletes, both during their training and at the races, will be using bicycles donated by KROSS. The models rank among the finest selection of bicycle brands - the Kross Level B+ features a top-notch SRAM XX1 groupset and cutting-edge Rock Shox forks.

The central topic at the conference was the team's addition of athletes Maja Włoszczowska - winner of 30 championship titles - and the promising young Bartłomiej Wawaka, Polish XC (U23) Champion. "In deciding which team I would be riding in for the next two years, I was swayed above all else by the optimal training conditions for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro," reasoned Maja Włoszczowska, backing up her decision to sign a two-year contract with the Kross Racing Team.
The athlete, after years of competing in foreign teams' colors, has returned to the team sponsored by a Polish brand. In an interview given after the conference, Maja Włoszczowska emphasized that she and the KROSS brand had met at the ideal moment in her career and that she hopes to live up to the hopes placed in her. The contestant affirmed that she will most definitely be vying for the rainbow-colored champion's jersey at this year's World Championships.

Anna Szafraniec-Rutkiewicz and Kornel Osicki are athletes who have been part of the KRT team for a long time. Their most important task in the upcoming season is to compete for the championship titles and qualify to represent Poland at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.
This goal is particularly important to Anna Szafraniec-Rutkiewicz, whose performance at the Olympics is to be the crowning achievement of her career. After contending to win a gold medal for Poland, the athlete plans to finish her sports career. For Kornel Osicki, who looked back on 2014 as a difficult year, the coming year will be an opportunity for him to win new titles and compete in the most paramount competitions.
KROSS extends its sincere thanks to all the reporters and editors for their active participation in the KRT press conference. 

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