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Produkt dodany do koszyka

Black Edition JR

Specifiche tecniche

Frame material Raw alloy frame
Forcella Wid 24" BRAVO-327E;1 1/8";L=200
Ammortizzatore posteriore
Mozzo anteriore GL-B01R-QR AL. 3/8*14G*32H*135*145 BK
Mozzo postriore GL-B01F-QR AL.3/8*14G*32H*100*108 BK
Pneumatici Opona 24"x1.9" Scylla
Cerchi Kształtownik nr.rys:W4298 24 cali;czarny
Deragliatore anteriore Prz.P. FD-TZ500; 31.8; dolny ciąg; 42T
Cambio posteriore Prz.T. RD-TZ500; na śrubę; 6-speed; BK
Freno anteriore V995DK; Al.; H=102,BK;shoe 60mm;w/logo
Freno posteriore V995DK; Al.; H=102,BK;shoe 60mm;w/logo
Leve freno L,SL-RS36-LN,3-spd RevoShift
Leve R,SL-RS36-6R,6-spd RevoShift
Guarnitura TCSH2-CFPG(G4SF)42/34/24*152ED/BK
Movimiento centrale Kaseta sup.FP-B902/2N;L=120mm;C1=28mm
Catena Łańcuch S20 1/2"x3/32";silver
Cassetta / Freewheel Wlnb. MF-TZ500; 6 sp.14/28T; BK/BR
Manubrio MTB-153 steel;W=560;BED w/logo Kross
Attacco manubrio TDS-C41-8 Rise-15L=75mm, H=41mm  BED
Reggisella SP-200 Steel Q27,2x300 BED logo SV
Serie sterzo FP-H801S 1-1/8"x34/30 H=22.7 EDBK
Sella Siodło Velo 5088; w/cl SI0M19JU01D1AF
Pedali FP-804 BK;norma TPP00011 oś 9/16''

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