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Produkt dodany do koszyka

Black Edition 1

Specifiche tecniche

Frame material Raw alloy frame
Forcella Wid 27,5" Forgo565D;28,6x25,4;L=220 ahea
Ammortizzatore posteriore -
Mozzo anteriore P MD-JA159F-DSS-QR 32H OLD:100mm:Black
Mozzo postriore MD-JA159R-DSS-QR; 32H;OLD:135mm;Black
Pneumatici Opona 27,5"x2,1" 54-584 V85 Ocelot;
Cerchi Kross Disc (Aluminium, podwójna ścianka)
Deragliatore anteriore Prz.P. FD-TZ500; 31.8; górny ciąg; 42T
Cambio posteriore Przerz T RD-M310DL ALTUS7/8 Rzędowa BK
Freno anteriore Mech Tektro MD-M300;w/rotor; Front; BK
Freno posteriore Mech Tektro MD-M300; w/rotor; Rear; Bk
Leve freno Dzw ham/przerz, ST-EF41-7R, R 7-spd,BK
Leve Dzw ham/przerz, ST-EF41-L, L 3-spd,BK
Guarnitura MK SR CW13-XR172N-PBIG42/32/22T, L=170mm
Movimiento centrale sup.FP-B902-2NL; L=122,5mm; C1=28mm
Catena Łańcuch S50 1/2"x3/32";Navy Blue/Brown
Cassetta / Freewheel Wlnb. MF-TZ500; 7 sp.14/28T; BK/BR
Manubrio MTB153 stal HL Corp
Attacco manubrio AS-601 al..Kalloy
Reggisella SP-242 al..Kalloy
Serie sterzo FP-H816 Neco
Sella Siodło Mach 8549; w/o Cl; SI0K16AT02M1AF
Manopole DIAMOND DD25B Herrmans
Pedali FP-804 Femin

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