Shimano Steps is well orchestrated system, renowned for its efficiency and fluid energy transfer. The battery operated motor works together, in harmony with the rider, ensuring the pleasure of cycling is not removed, but enhanced. With Shimano Steps, you can now travel further, faster and with greater ease, using this reliable and efficient system.

Whether you are meandering the city streets in rush hour, or enjoying a peaceful weekend retreat in the countryside – this all-round utility bike is equipped with the most reliable components. Using Shimano Steps, you will arrive relaxed and full of energy.

System elements

central motor system

  • light weight, fluid and quiet
  • 250W power output
  • 50Nm Torque
  • inteligent power supply
  • Walk Assist mode for help when pushing the bike

battery BT-E6000

  • 500Wh battery storage (36V, 13,9 Ah)
  • up to 1000 charge cycles
  • 80% charge in just 2 hours, 100% in 4 hours
  • range up to 120km

crankarm and chainring FC-E6000

on board computer with SC-E6010 display

  • indicates gear / range / battery life
  • easy to mount with various mounting options
  • high contrast display
  • solid body construction
  • functions include:
  • - trip distance
  • - total distance
  • - speed
  • - max speed
  • - avg. speed
  • - time

computer switch SW-E6000

  • comfortable shifter
  • solid construction
  • simple and instinctive usage
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