Solus-Miśkowicz's three medals in Academic World Championships

Kross Racing Team rider, Katarzyna Solus-Miśkowicz, her performance on the Academic World Championships can rank to very good one. She has finished the competition with three medals, including two gold ones.

During the fifth edition, she started races from participating in a road race mass start. It was her first, from the last two years, road race that immediately finished with a great success. KRT rider crossed the finish line second only less than a minute later than the winner, German rider, Kathrin Hammes. The Pole stood on the bottom stair of the podium, as the third place was taken by Martyn Klekot.

The silver medal was a great prognostic before weekend starts of Kross Racing Team rider in XC competitions - time trial and mass start.

On Saturday, in the picturesque and quite technically difficult, 4 km long round around the Paulinum Palace, men and women competed in the XC time trial. In the women's race Kasia demonstrated her abilities of the ride in the field and didn't disappoint expectations. She won with the very good 15:08:01 time. 22 seconds, just after the Polish rider, a Hungarian competitor Barbara Benko crossed the finish line. The third was  Swiss Marine Groccia with the time of 49 seconds worse than the winner.

After winning two medals there was no doubt that Kasia is the absolutely favourite in Sunday's XCO race, which takes place on the same round at Saturday's time trial. Women had to defeat 4, and men 6 laps.

After two days of starts the Pole already felt the rigors of the competition, which made  the start of Sunday's competition a bit nervous. From the very beginning the race had a strong pace, but Kasia rode warily and did not give up. At the first mistake of Hungarian Benko she jumped forth and reached a few seconds in advantage, gradually increasing it in the next kilometers, which allowed her to get to the finish line in first position with a dominance of 2:20:34  over the second competitor.

Eventually the podium in Sunday's women's race looked the same as on Saturday. The second was a Hungarian Barbara Benko, a third was Swiss Marine Groccia.

We warmly congratulate  Kasia and we wish her good luck on the XCO Polish Championship which begins in a week.

fot. Sławomir Berski - Olympus


Date of handing over: 14.07.2014