Show off your biking passion!

InstaBike - a new mobile application for all cycling fans has appeared

It is not another application designed for following our workouts or covered kilometers. InstaBike, like the name suggests, is connected with a popular application Instagram (and other applications and social networks) and it enables to boast about trainings, starts and biking excursions via photographs.

InstaBike is an application that also allows you  to enrich bike photos with specially designed motives divided into four categories. Photographs can be personalized in any way. Users can add to their photos travel destination,  name of the person in the photograph, model or brand of bicycle on which they have just finished the race or any motto that should encourage people to ride a bike. What is more, InstaBike application uses the Google resources. Thanks to this, the distance to cover will appear  in the photograph when we set the destination. Our current position above the sea level is also automatically downloaded, which helps in orientation in the field.

Free application is available on Android and iOS devices.

Date of handing over: 25.07.2014