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Produkt dodany do koszyka

A Scorching Start in Nové Město na Moravě

The Kross Racing Team highlighted May 24/25 red in their calendar a long time ago. This was the date of the MTB World Cup in the Chech Nové Město na Moravě, a general test of fitness before the European Championships.

Weather forecasts came 100 per cent true – 30⁰C heat alternated with storms. Fortunately, Sunday morning greeted the contestants with sunbeams  and slightly lower temperature than on previous days. The weather was simply perfect for racing.

3 representatives of the Kross team took part in the women's race. Katarzyna Solus – Miśkowicz, who had to fight her way through after a poor start, came out best and took a high 17th place. Anna Szafraniec reached the finishing line 31st, while Michalina Ziółkowska came 72nd.

In the men's race, the colours of Kross were defended by Kornel Osicki, who has recently resumed training after a week's stay in hospital. Unfortunately for Kornel, the weakness of his body made itself felt from the very beginning of the race. After consulting the team manager, it was decided that it would be best for Kornel to back out.

In a week's time, Katarzyna Solus– Miśkowicz will be taking part in the World Cup in Albstadt, while  Ania and Kornel will be preparing for the next part of the season in Poland.

Date of handing over: 28.05.2014