Katarzyna Solus-Miskowicz silver medalist of Polish National Championships XCO!

Katarzyna Solus-Miśkowicz got the silver medal on the Polish Championships in Mountain Biking! Maja Włoszczowska has defeated the title from the year before. Paula Gorycka came as the third (4F Racing Team). Anna Szafraniec took the fourth position.

The race was held in heavy weather (very highest temperature) and technical conditions, considering the specificity of the route i.e. technical obstacles and a lot of marshy sand.
At the end of the first round a bid extended and Włoszczowska overtook rivals and took the lead. Paula Gorycka weakened slightly, but still kept a good pace. A minor loss to the competitors of 4F Racing Team recorded Katarzyna Solus-Miśkowicz, but she managed to make up the loss and on the second lap only Maja Włoszczowska was before her. Paula Gorycka rode in the third position. The next circles was enlarging the advantage, Maja Włoszczowska began to set off her rivals and was calmly aiming the finish line. Katarzyna Solus managed very well on the route and tried to keep her high pace. Paula Gorycka was still third, and behind her back an interesting fight took place between Anna Szafraniec, who badly commenced the race and had to break through from the end of the first ten, and Aleksandra Dawidowicz. Maja Włoszczowska came in the first place. Despite the hellish heat Katarzyna Solus-Miśkowicz came in the 2nd position with the loss of 58 seconds. Paula Gorycka kept her 3rd position. Anna Szafraniec was 4th, defeating Aleksandra Dawidowicz.

In the men's competition Kornel Osicki took 5th place, and Bogdan Czarnota 7th.

Date of handing over: 21.07.2014