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Jolanda Neff a World Champion, Maja Włoszczowska fourth!

An amazing race of a Swiss, Jolanda Neff at the World Championships in Australia on 9th September. Riding for the Kross Racing Team, the athlete led almost from the start to the finish line, knocking off the opponents and winning with a lead of 2 minutes and 23 seconds. The British competitor, Annie Last found herself in the second place, and the French cyclist Pauline Ferrand-Prevot settled for the lowest step of the podium. Maja Włoszczowska finishes the battle in the fourth position.

Jolanda Neff was in the lead from the beginning of the race, finishing the inrun round in the third place. The Swiss didn't want to wait long and look back at her rivals, so she attacked in the middle of the first round. Annie Last, riding alongside her at the moment, was unable to keep up with Neff acceleration, losing 17 seconds at the end of the round.

On the second lap, a group chasing the leader formed: Last, Ferrand-Prevot and Kalentieva. Maja Włoszczowska tried to join it as well. In the third round, a defect stopped Ferrand-Prevot and the Polish cyclist advanced to the fourth position. A moment later, Kalentieva was in the same situation, giving Włoszczowska a chance to win the medal.

Unfortunately, Prevot was in a great physical disposition that day and overtook Maja in the fourth round.

At the front, Neff increased the lead over her rivals by noting a 2-minute 23-second lead over Annie Last on the finish. Pauline Ferrand-Prevot finished being third, cheap replica watches with a lead of more than 30 seconds over Maja Włoszczowa.

In the men’s race, Poland was represented by the third Kross Racing Team member, Barłomiej Wawak, who after a close-fought race, finished in 36th place.

Date of handing over: 11.09.2017