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Jolanda Neff wins the World Cup race in Albstadt, Maja Włoszczowska seventh

Jolanda Neff wins the World Cup race in Albstadt, Maja Włoszczowska seventh


On 20 May the Polish Kross Racing Team became the winners in the women’s team competition. The second round of the World Cup was won by Włoszczowska’s partner in the Kross team - Jolanda Neff. The race for second place went to Yana Belomoina, and the other side of the podium was taken by Anne Tauber.


Maja Włoszczowska got off to a poor start in the race, finishing the start-up round in 26th position. As she admitted: “My engine didn’t start to run properly until after the second round". During this time, her friend from the Kross team already had a 2 minute advantage over her first competitor. On this day Jolanda Neff was out of reach of everyone on the route, finishing the last two laps with a safe lead. The Swiss woman reached the finish line 2:12 min. ahead of Yana Belomoina. In the fight for third place, Allesandra Keller was beaten by Anne Tauber.

Meanwhile, Włoszczowska made an attempt to catch up, noting excellent times and speeding up with each lap. She had enough energy to get into 7th place. Thanks to the determination of the two competitors, the Kross Racing Team was victorious in the women’s team classification.

In the men’s race Kross was represented by Fabian Giger and Bartłomiej Wawak. They took 40th and 53rd place respectively.

In a week we’ll have a chance for the next victory. The 3rd Edition of the World Cup in mountain bike racing will take place in the Czech town of Nove Mesto na Morave. 


Date of handing over: 21.05.2018