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Produkt dodany do koszyka

Jolanda Neff second, Maja Włoszczowska fifth in the World Cup in Andorra

On Sunday 15 July the Kross competitors confirmed their good form during the fifth round of the World Cup in mountain biking. The competition was won by Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa, ahead of Jolanda Neff and Emily Batty.

Similarly as a week ago, right after the start a group of leading competitors was formed including: Jolanda Neff, Emily Batty, Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa, Maja Włoszczowska and Anne Tauber. The pace was set by Neff, who gained time on the downhill sections, the rest having to chase after her; at the end of the third lap she had a 6-second advantage over Gunn-Rita and was 20 seconds ahead of Włoszczowska, Batty and Tauber.

The Norwegian took advantage of her experience, on the fourth lap catching up to and overtaking Neff, who was suffering a slight crisis at the time. After the fifth lap she was 20 seconds behind Dahle Flesjaa and had to watch out for Batty catching up behind her, having broken away from Włoszczowska and Tauber.

Gunn Rita Dahle Flesjaa was victorious for the 30th time in the World Cup. Neff managed to maintain second place, before the strong finish of Batty. Maja Włoszczowska finished the fifth round of this year’s World Cup in fifth place.

Thanks to the very good stance of the women’s team, Kross Racing Team won again in the team classification and increased its advantage over the other teams.

“This was a difficult race because of the conditions and the route in Andorra. The lack of oxygen at high altitude, along with the tough, very steep uphill sections were a real challenge for me. I fought with the girls. I tried to ride calmly, steadily and keep control of the situation, knowing how tough and long the race is,” comments Maja Włoszczowska. “Today four of them were stronger than me. I congratulate them, especially Gunn-Rita. For the Kross team, the race went really well, as together with Jolanda we won the team classification again,” she adds. 

Date of handing over: 17.07.2018