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Produkt dodany do koszyka

The fast approaching Absa Cape Epic is one of the greatest challenges in the history of the team...

The fast approaching Absa Cape Epic is one of the greatest challenges in the history of the team, sponsored by KROSS. At the race held in the Republic of South Africa, the Absa Cape Epic, will work together with Spur Steak Ranches. The team will compete under the name of Kross-Spur Racing.


The Absa Cape Epic, which begins on March 17, is considered the most difficult MTB stage race in the world. The taste of triumph in this prestigious event is well known by a new addition to the team, Ariane Lüthi. The Swiss Ariane Lüthi won a total of five times (three times in the women's classification - in 2014, 2015 and 2016, twice in the mix category - in 2012 and 2013). The 35-year-old does not deny that in 2019, she would like to once again stand on the highest step of the podium, this time with Maja Włoszczowska – who is taking part in her debut. The masculine duo Sergio Mantecon and Ondrej Cink have also set ambitious goals for the race. The partnership on the KROSS-Spur line is to help them.

This formidable team-up, between mountain bike manufacturer KROSS and Spur Steak Ranches for the Absa Cape Epic, is an exciting partnership between two giants in their respective industries. This partnership provides Spur Steak Ranches with the opportunity to truly entrench its brand even further within the sport of mountain biking, falling in-line with the continued journey of investing within the sport at the various levels. The co-naming rights sponsorship is strategic, serving to generate as much return on investment as possible within the area of mountain biking at an elite level so as to grow the profession even further

“Our mountain biking return-on-investment and footprint has been overwhelming, starting from schools level right up to the elite level, with the growth of mountain biking in South Africa over the years is a testament to that” – Khakhi Diala (Sponsorships and events manager: Spur Group). With Spur’s mandate to get as many scholars on mountain bikes as possible, coupled with investment into the elite category in order to complete the continuum and further grow the sport at various levels, the future appears to be right on track.

The Kross Racing Team manager Kornel Osicki also expresses his delight with Spur. "I am very excited about having Spur as a sponsor for the Absa Cape Epic race. This proves how the international character of the team is perceived by the whole world. Invariably, however, we also want to emphasize the support of KROSS - the titular sponsor of the team and our other partners" - he said.


Spur is a restaurant network originating from South Africa, which dates back to the 1967. Spur is actively involved in supporting cycling. For more than a decade, it has been running, inter alia, the "Spur Schools MTB league" program, whose ambassador is Ariane Lüthi.

This year's edition of Absa Cape Epic will begin on March 17th and will finish on March 24th. Detailed information about the cast of the race can be found on its official website at The full competition schedule is available below.


Prologue (March 17): University of Cape Town - University of Cape Town (21 kilometers, elevation range - 600 meters)

Stage I (March 18): Hermanus High School - Hermanus High School (112 kilometers, 2,700 meters of elevation)

Stage II (March 19): Hermanus High School - Oak Valley Estate (86 kilometers, 2250 meters of elevation)

Stage III (March 20): Oak Valley Estate - Oak Valley Estate (103 kilometers, 2,800 meters of elevation)

Stage IV (March 21): Oak Valley Estate - Oak Valley Estate (43 kilometers, 1000 meters of elevation)

Stage V (March 22): Oak Valley Estate - University of Stellenbosch Sports Fields (100 kilometers, 2850 meters of elevation)

Stage VI (March 23): University of Stellenbosch Sports Fields - University of Stellenbosch Sports Fields (89 kilometers, 2,650 meters of elevation)

Stage VII (March 24): University of Stellenbosch Sports Fields - Val de Vie Estate (70 kilometers, 1,800 meters of elevation)

Date of handing over: 15.03.2019