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Produkt dodany do koszyka

This September one of the world’s leading bike portals, Dirt Magazine tested our middle range enduro bike, Moon 2.0

The Moon range is a spearhead in the KROSS collection. This enduro bike featuring KROSS’ very own RVS (Revo Virtual Suspension) suspension was designed and created by the engineers in Przasnysz. If you are looking for a machine ready to rumble, this is the bike for you.


“Every component on this bike from the gearing to bar and stem is without fault, the frame is very well finished and visually the Moon holds a great poise. We like it a lot. Yes we should have gone for the extra large size bike, which with a 470mm reach we reckon could have been bang on. Having said that Kross need to address the wheelbase because 1188mm in the longest size is someway off what are considered good numbers currently.”


Date of handing over: 06.10.2016