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Produkt dodany do koszyka

Dealer meetings in Łodz, Poland

The annual dealer meeting took place this year in the post-industrial town of Łodz, 100km south of Warsaw. Holding nearly 25% of the sales market, KROSS is Polands leading bike manufacturer, located 100km north of the capital city. During the meeting, the marketing and sales representatives spoke about the direction of the brand moving into the 2017 season. The engineers from the KROSS factory also took to the stage to introduce the 2017 collection and novelties. Olympic silver medalist, Maja Włoszczowska also took part in the meetings, greeting the dealers and signing autographs.

The highlights included new carbon hardtail frames as well as new carbon and aluminum road bike frames. A big hit during the exhibition were the unique steal framed bikes, built with Reynolds tubing.

Kacper Sosnowski, son of the companies founder, Zbigniew Sosnowski also brought to light the brands ambitious plans for the e-bike sector. For 2017 KROSS is releasing 2 new trekking models with more bikes planning for future seasons.


Over 120 bikes were presented in Łódz over the 2 day period. When guests were not walking about the exhibition, talking about bikes, there could relax in the hotels luxuries spa facilities.

The main message of the meeting was that “the Polish bicycle market is growing and KROSS is ready to meet its demands and new trends. The wide spread dealer network holds high standards and is a good foundation for consumer trust.”

Date of handing over: 15.09.2016