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Produkt dodany do koszyka

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The frame is a bikes heart and soul – it is defines the bikes character, safety and comfort. For over a decade the Polish bike manufacturer KROSS has been sketching, designing, printing and producing it’s own frames. Every frame undergoes rigorous testing and is held to the highest standards.


The most recent creation is the new carbon hardtail. Developed with Maja Włoszczowska (Olympic silver medalist) and the KROSS Racing Team, the frame is designed to compete on the highest level. Built from KROSS’s own carbon composite D84 Super Light it increases stiffness and weighs only 970 grams. The video below shows the 2 year process of developing a bike worthy of an Olympic medal.


The Process:

The first step of creating a frame begins on a blank piece of paper. Engineers draw down a variety of possibilities which are later selected and digitalized.

After a first consult with KROSS Racing Team athletes, the geometry is defined and designers go to work with the tube design. Having a 3D print allows the engineers to check each aspect of the frame before the first prototype is built.

At this stage, both constructors and designers must work together to ensure the quality of the bikes performance and esthetics.

Satisfied with the design, the first prototypes are produced for riders feedback – at this point everything can still be changed. Riders pay particular attention to the frames stiffness, stability, steering and riding position.

The Prototype also undergoes strict laboratory testing. Built using monocoque technology with Carbon D84 (double fiber compund) Super Light, the frame is lighter and stiffer. The european requirements (PN EN ISO 4210) are the basis for frame testing. The tests are designed to apply force on the frame on three levels, horizonal, vertical and bottom bracket (pedal test). The first test applys 1200 N on the front of the bike and 600 N on the back. The frame must withstand this force for no less than 50,000 cycles. The carbon Level frame can withstand over 300,000 cycles- in fact the laboratory tests have never managed to break it. The second test applies 1200 N on to the seatpost tube and is also repeated for 50,000 cycles. The final test is a force of 1200 N, applied on alternate pedals over a 100,000 cycle. Having complete access to laboratory tests means that KROSS engineers can quickly see the results of their constructions.

The final product is a bike worthy of an Olympic medal – accessible for ambitious riders.


Date of handing over: 08.11.2016