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Sunday, January 18 at 3.00pm, as Niels Beelen just had conquered his title in the Flemish Police Cyclocross, the Baijot Kross Team (former Hard'n Bikers) was presented at Velofollies.


The new team came life thanks to the cooperation between the Polish brand KROSS and 2M bikes from Brussels.


Baijot Kross with team manager Simon Gueuning from Erezée represented with pride 5 riders for:

1. Jonas De Backer (Elite)

2. Niels Beelen (Elite)

3. Joey Lathouwers (Elite)

4. Arthur Ullens (U13)

5. Florent Gueuning (U11)


A lot of attention was also given to the Benelux Cup in Erezée 9 and May 10, 2015 and also to the KROSS Xtreme Gravity Team.


Date of handing over: 20.01.2015