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Technologically advanced lamp made of high quality materials. Equipped with the Cree ™ XPE2 R3 LED, battery discharge indicator and USB rechargeable lithium battery. Thanks to the unique technology of Smart Beam, the lamp automatically adjusts its power to the ambient light. Power Energy Saver Control breaks the Law of Conservation of Matter, extending the working time to 3 - 12 h. With the Cut-off line, the light beam is driven where cyclists wants - on the road, not to the sky, maximizing the power of the lamp, in addition to preventing blindness of the drivers driving from the opposite. The built-in accelerometer automatically switches on the light when motion is detected, turns off when the bike is stationary. During daytime, the daylighting mode automatically turns on, when passing through a tunnel, underground passage, dusk or rain, i.e. where the amount of light is limited, the lamp automatically switches from daylight to main lighting. At night, the lamp automatically turns on in the main lighting mode, and the illumination will automatically change according to the ambient brightness. The intuitive way of assembly enables quick light transfer to another bike. Rugged and sealed case protects against ingress of water, enabling usage in harsh weather conditions.

Material: ABS/PC
Mounting location: handlebar
Fastening: composite bracket
Light source: 3,5W Cree LED XPE2 R3
Light power: ≥ 140 lm
Illuminance:  ≥32 lux / 10m
RANGE: ≥ 100 m
Temperature of emitted light: ≥ 6000 °K
Power source: lithium battery 1200 mAh
Max runtime: 3 - 12 h
Charging: via micro USB
Charging time: 4 h Technologies:
- Smart Beam
- Low Beam
- PESC Tec
- Mobility Current
- Auto on/off
- Day Light
- Speed Tec
- battery indicator,
- waterproofness IPX4,
- USB charging,
- compliant with z StVZO
Dimensions: 81 x 46 x 37mm
Weight: 88 g (with bracket)

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