Katarzyna Solus – Miśkowicz wins Czech Republic Cup

Kross Racing Team member Katarzyna Soluś-Miśkowicz has won the race C1 category over her team colleague-Anna Szafraniec. Slovakian Janka Keseg-Stevkowa has taken third place.

Saturday 5th greeted members with with clear sky that soon clouded over due to which the racing temperature was optimal. At the starting line, apart from Kross Racing Team Members, Aleksandra Dawidowicz and Janka Stevkowa has appeared among others.

From the start Anna Szafraniec, Katarzyna Solus-Miśkowicz and Stevkowa set the pace. But the Slovakian had the strength only for one and a half round. After that only Poles set the pace of the competition. Katarzyna Solus-Miśkowicz has crossed the finish line as the first, 34 seconds before Anna Szafraniec. Stevkowa was third losing almost two and a half minutes.

The third of Kross Racing Team members-Michalina Ziółkowska has taken 10th place.

Date of handing over: 07.07.2014