Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes



Enduro models enable fast and effective downhill ride. With larger, 27.5” wheels and excellent suspension you can perform even better! These bicycles give you not only a smoother ride downhill as a result of better traction, but also comfortable negotiating obstacles and riding up a steep hill.

Moon 3.0
Moon 2.0
Moon 1.0
Soil 3.0
Soil 2.0
Soil 1.0
Dust 3.0
Dust 2.0
Dust 1.0

Level B bicycles have been designed and improved by Kross Research & Development team of specialists. The highest B+ model is used by the Kross Racing Team during top-level competitions in which participants not infrequently in the leading bunch. These bikes are geared to give you a winning edge!

Level B+
Level B12
Level B11
Level B10
Level B9
Level B8
Level B7
Level B6
Level B4
Level B3
Level B2
Level B1
MTB XC 27,5

Slightly larger 27.5” wheels enhance the riding comfort.

Level R+
Level R12
Level R11
Level R10
Level R9
Level R8
Level R7
Level R6
Level R4
Level R3
Level R2
Level R1

MTB are typical mountain bikes suitable for every terrain. It is ideal for easy terrain, gravel roads, country lanes and hilly forest areas. Hexagon combines excellent quality and moderate price based on carefully chosen Kross and Shimano components.

Hexagon R8
Hexagon X6
Hexagon R6
Hexagon R5
Hexagon X4
Hexagon R4
Hexagon R3
Hexagon X3
Hexagon X2 DISC
Hexagon X2
Hexagon X1

Woman bicycles feature hi-tech structure and delicate, women’s specific design. 

Lea R6
Lea R4
Lea F4
Lea R2
Lea F3
Lea F2
Lea F1