Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes



Enduro models enable fast and effective downhill ride. With larger, 27.5” wheels and excellent suspension you can perform even better! These bicycles give you not only a smoother ride downhill as a result of better traction, but also comfortable negotiating obstacles and riding up a steep hill.

Moon Z3
Moon Z2
Moon Z1

Moon is a model designed for true enthusiasts of mountain riding. For all who make an early morning to reach the top and go downhill at full speed over stony paths. Riding an Enduro bike gets your adrenalin going while travelling on mountainous tracks where speed and vast landscapes give you a sense of total freedom.

Moon V3
Moon V2
Moon V1

Level B bicycles have been designed and improved by Kross Research & Development team of specialists. The highest B+ model is used by the Kross Racing Team during top-level competitions in which participants not infrequently in the leading bunch. These bikes are geared to give you a winning edge!

Level B+
Level B12
Level B11
Level B10
Level B9
Level B8
Level B7
Level B6
Level B4
Level B3
Level B2
MTB XC 27,5

In 2015, you will have as many as 11 models to choose from so that everyone will find something for themselves according to their needs. Slightly larger 27.5” wheels enhance the riding comfort. Wheels with reduced weight and smaller diameter are ideal for dynamic cycling around sharp bends.

Level R+
Level R12
Level R11
Level R10
Level R9
Level R8
Level R7
Level R6
Level R4
Level R3
Level R2

Bikes with smaller wheels are more manoeuvrable and deliver improved acceleration on the route. For the more traditionally inclined, we have prepared 4 models with aluminium frame. Level A bikes are perfect of those who prefer 26” wheels and focus on riding speed.

Level A6
Level A4
Level A3
Level A2
MTB 27,5

Hexagon R is a new line of bikes provided with 27.5” wheels. The ever-growing popularity of this model inclined Kross designers to create new frames for all Hexagon models. The different wheel size will undoubtedly attract even more enthusiasts of cycling in the mountains.

Hexagon R8
Hexagon R6
Hexagon R6
Hexagon R5
Hexagon R4
Hexagon R3
MTB 26

Hexagon X are typical mountain bikes with 26” wheels suitable for every terrain. It is ideal for easy terrain, gravel roads, country lanes and hilly forest areas. Hexagon combines excellent quality and moderate price based on carefully chosen Kross and Shimano components.

Hexagon X6
Hexagon X5
Hexagon X4
Hexagon X3
Hexagon X2 Disc
Hexagon X2
Hexagon X1
MTB Women 27,5

Lea bicycles feature hi-tech structure and delicate, women’s specific design. In 2015, Kross will start manufacturing bicycles with 27.5” wheels that for sure will maximize the rider’s comfort during long trips.

Lea R6
Lea R4
Lea R2
MTB Women 26

Lea bicycles feature hi-tech structure and delicate, women’s specific design.

Lea F4
Lea F3
Lea F2
Lea F1

Dirt bikes are a proper choice for enthusiasts of extreme sports who wish to stand out from the crowd. With the new bike models and dirt/street bike frames, it will be a sheer pleasure to challenge the laws of gravity. Dirt, skatepark or street will be transformed into a battlefield where you will always prevail.

Spade Pro